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SEPR Team DSA Worked on 3 Projects - this is Project 3 - which do you want to look at?

Project (Assessment) 1 - Dat Flying Game - Simple ATC Game.

Project (Assessment) 2 - Controller Concern Mk. 2 - Awesome ATC Game

Project (Assessment) 3 - Flighty Mk. 2 - Retro ATC Game with Networked Multiplayer

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Flighty Mk. 2

The Only ATC Game You Can Play With Your Face!

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Welcome to Flighty Mk. 2. Although the original version was great, we've added countless improvements to optimise performance of the game, new features including online multiplayer and a parallax effect powered by the position of your face (using face tracking) and a whole extra bit of colours. Take a look below and download Flighty Mk. 2 to try it.

For this assessment, we figured that the 8 bit graphics we were provided with in the previous game just didn't quite cut it. So, during our many 'idea and design' sessions, after pouring over a whiteboard for hours and hours, we came up with the innovative solution of adding 1 extra bit of colour - so we now have 9-bit colour!


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Easy to Understand - The only thing left to document is the documentation itself.

Our code is really easy to understand - it's self documenting. But just in case you're struggling, we've added tonnes of comments and documentation.

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Drop us an email - Sam Heather (sbh514@york.ac.uk) or Paul Gibson (pag509@york.ac.uk) - we're happy to answer them!