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SEPR Team DSA Worked on 3 Projects - this is Project 2 - which do you want to look at?

Project (Assessment) 1 - Dat Flying Game - Simple ATC Game.

Project (Assessment) 2 - Controller Concern Mk. 2 - Awesome ATC Game

Project (Assessment) 3 - Flighty Mk. 2 - Retro ATC Game with Networked Multiplayer

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Controller Concern V2

Screw flying!

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Welcome to Controller Concern Mk. 2. Although the original version was great, we've added countless improvements to optimise performance, and after fixing many bugs that were hidden from us, we have emerged, triumphant, with a great project, lovingly built for Tim. Take a look below and download Controller Concern Mk. 2 to try it.

For this assessment we figured that aircraft just didn't quite cut it. So during our many 'idea sessions' we thought that aircraft should be in space and water. Obviously aeroplanes don't go to space or water unless the pilot is a moron. Being the compromising team we are, we decided that we could use space shuttles and submarines instead.


Tech Specs

Why Pick our Code?

Easy to Understand - The only thing left to document is the documentation itself.

Our code is really easy to understand. But just in case you're struggling, we've added tonnes of comments and documentation.

Super secret easter eggs

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Drop us an email - Sam Heather (sbh514@york.ac.uk) or Paul Gibson (pag509@york.ac.uk) - we're happy to answer them!

See our testing document here!